Як правильно застосовувати пошарове одягання?

 Often people find themselves in situations where they are directly dependent on certain processes - sports, combat missions, hunting on the run or indoors, winter fishing or spinning, extreme tourism or just a long walk and weather conditions - high winds, rain with wet snow, low and ultra-low temperatures, rapid change of weather conditions with a significant change in temperature, heavy rains and high humidity, etc.
Kamo-Tech, as a company that has made the latest technology in materials, manufacturing and concepts of the right! clothing is the basis of its development - is a supporter of layered clothing, as a technology as universal, adaptive and still revolutionary.
Layered clothing, in essence, is a universal set of components from clothing created from the best materials to date. So, when you create the right combinations and consistency in clothing, you can survive any weather conditions with maximum protection and comfort, and the compactness of each of the components allows you to have the whole set at hand, but use its components as needed.
The concept of layered clothing technology from our company does not differ much from the generally accepted standards and practices in the world, it is only slightly simplified and adapted to the needs of domestic customers and is reduced to the following scheme:

1. Wet-sweat layer (Lvl-1 and Lvl-2).

Lvl-1 is a thermal underwear made of polyester or combined fabrics with the appropriate functionality (high air permeability and fast drying) which provide removal of moisture (sweat) from the body, leaving the body dry. Lvl-1, is a mandatory component from which any kit begins. It is important that the underwear was snug, on the body, but also not to restrict movement.

Lvl-2 is a supplement or alternative to the first layer. In addition to the functionality of the first layer, it is not only a dehumidifier, but also a warming kit. Lvl-2 should effectively absorb moisture without sticking to the body and create an additional air layer. It is made of polyester cloths. At ultra-low temperatures, wear over Lvl-1.

2. Insulating layer (Lvl-3 and Lvl-4).

Lvl-3 is a fleece jacket, which is a basic, insulating layer. Lvl-3 also removes moisture on LVLs further, and its main task - to warm up, to create comfortable temperature, to supplement the first layer with additional functionality. The material of the jacket is as breathable as possible, dries quickly and does not absorb moisture, keeps the proper appearance and functionality for a long time with long use and the amount of washing.


Lvl-4 - at extremely low temperatures, high humidity and stormy wind, this level enhances the created, previous to it, equipment and blocks the effects of bad weather, which in some critical cases were able to pass through the outer, protective layer.

Lvl-4 from our company is presented in the form of a universal, adaptable to different needs, nylon jacket TAURUS URBAN GEN.II, the inner insulation of which is a high-tech material, "artificial down" from the famous Austrian brand "G-Loft". In the jacket model, the outer fabric is high-quality nylon, the insulation is G-Loft artificial down, and the lining is also premium nylon. The idea of ​​Lvl-4 in the form of our jacket, is not only a warming effect when used as a jacket-stitch, but also the ability to use the jacket as a windbreaker or nylon sweater. Its versatility is especially appropriate when there is no need for a heavier and less elastic outer, protective layer, when you are indoors or in the car, or there is a need for temporary cooling - then it is a stylish, comfortable windbreaker. Accordingly, when the weather worsens, the jacket turns into a warming layer, and the nylon and G-Loft properties do not create discomfort during dressing / removal and use.

3. Protective layer (Lvl-5).

Lvl-5 is a functional, most often membrane clothing or clothing that has a moisture-windproof functionality due to high manufacturing technologies. The main meaning of Lvl-5 as a protective layer is to remove moisture from the lower layers, starting with Lvl-1 and through Lvl-5, to the outside and to block or prevent the weather (rain, wet snow, piercing wind, mist, dew, etc.) from the outside. . The line of materials we use is SOFTSHELL, STORMWALL, STORMWALL PRO, STORMWALL DWR, DEWSPO or DUSPO FLEECE. Unlike previous generations, modern fabrics and canvases are more flexible, stronger, less "noisy" and lighter. Wet-wind protective properties of materials and the ability to combine equipment allow you to adapt and use such clothing in the widest possible range in different weather conditions. Our outerwear, protective layer, created with an ergonomic cut, with improved anatomy, based on military developments, the best foreign armies, for tactical clothing. And our models are perfectly adapted for the needs of hunters, fishermen or tourism - the most comfortable and reliable.

As smart people say: "There is no bad weather, there is the wrong dress…"
So, dress so that the set of your clothes corresponds as much as possible to the tasks, type of activity and weather with which you had to face. And we, in turn, will provide proper advice, quality and variations in the configuration just for you.