Baseball Cap Tactic Rip-Stop Light coyote

Product code: 2361

150 uah

Long Sleeve GEN.II Cotton Flecktarn

Product code: 2365

300 uah

Long Sleeve GEN.II Cotton Partisan

Product code: 2357

300 uah

Air VNT olive Kit

Product code: 2360

1879 uah 1982 uah

Air VNT Coyote Kit

Product code: 2350

1879 uah 1982 uah

Polo Air VNT Olive 2295

Product code: 2295

647 uah

Long Sleeve CoolTouch MM14

Product code: 2272

316 uah

Polo Air VNT Coyote

Product code: 2347

647 uah

Air VNT Black Kit

Product code: 2304

1879 uah 1982 uah

Long Sleeve Hood Antistatic Olivе

Product code: 2339

532 uah

Long Sleeve Hood Antistatic Coyote

Product code: 2338

532 uah

Vest T-shirt knitted dark blue

Product code: 2180

50 uah 150 uah

Fleece vest black

Product code: 2182

50 uah 253 uah

Vest painted black

Product code: 1936

40 uah 117 uah

Vest painted D.Blue

Product code: 1939

40 uah 150 uah

Vest fabric blue

Product code: 2185

40 uah 150 uah

camotec - online store and manufacturer of military and tactical clothing, clothing for hunting, fishing, outdoor equipment and gear
camotec military clothing store offers you a full range of equipment, shoes and ammunition for paramilitary units, tourism, sports, outdoor activities and fashionable urban style, casual and military. More than 3000 units of goods are presented in our online store, and we constantly replenish and update our catalog, taking into account the seasonality and the needs of our customers.

It is no secret that the main "suppliers" of innovative technologies for the production of uniforms, footwear and fabrics with special properties are the military departments. Thanks to their developments, lightweight, durable, comfortable, multifunctional clothing has appeared.

We use these materials and sewing technology to produce models of our own brand. Therefore, you have the opportunity to purchase equipment for fishing, hunting and tourism of excellent quality and at affordable prices in our online store of military clothing.

Military clothing is comfortable and functional
Thanks to a carefully selected assortment, camotec's Military menswear store offers basic equipment for outdoor activities in winter and summer.

We always have in stock:

Army equipment.
Camouflage suits for hunters and fishermen.
Military style clothing and footwear.
Tactical and sports ammunition.
Hiking equipment.
Thermal underwear.
Sports and army headwear.
Additional accessories - belts, tactical goggles, gloves.
High-quality, comfortable, functional clothing and footwear are mandatory requirements for tactical equipment, a guarantee of a successful hike and a good mood on vacation.

camotec is a store where you can buy Military clothing, which is different:

Comfortable anatomical fit for freedom of movement.
The presence of an optimal number of pockets of various sizes.
Reliable snakes of increased strength.
The ability to adjust the volume.
Light weight.
For the production of tactical and casual footwear of our brand, natural and combined materials are used, which provide good thermoregulation.

Clothes for outdoor activities - choose the right one
In our online clothing store in the Military style camotec, you can always buy equipment that meets different weather conditions.

The fabrics from which it is made provide:

High strength, wear resistance and durability.
Vapor permeability and breathability.
Thermal insulation.
Wind protection.
Moisture resistance.
Resistant to fire and chemical attack.
Thanks to new technologies, today in the Military clothing store in Ukraine you can buy complete equipment using the principle of layering:

Underwear layer. Its main function is moisture removal. In summer, this role is played by jersey or polyester T-shirts. In winter, they wear thermal underwear.
Insulation. For this layer, use fleece sweaters and sweaters, which dries quickly and "breathes" well.
Top layer - protection from bad weather. Outerwear is made from rip-stop fabric, cordura, duspo, nylon and membrane.
In our store of military style menswear you can buy modern camouflage fabrics for individual tailoring. Online consultants will tell you in detail about the properties and scope of each of them.

Popularity of camotec Casual Camouflage Clothing
Laconic cut, good design and practical functional fabrics have long made the military style popular in everyday life. High-quality uniform military clothing for men in Ukraine is in great demand.

You can buy from us:

T-shirts and polo shirts.
Sweaters made of natural wool.
Fleece jackets.
Demi-season and winter jackets with insulation.
Cargo pants.
Urban shirts.
Sneakers and a trendy all-purpose buff will be a good addition to your wardrobe.

Why choose our store
In our online clothing store in military style, you will always find the product you need with a detailed description and a table of sizes. We listen to the opinions of our customers and often update models or introduce completely new ones into the catalog. You can get acquainted with them on the "News" page.

You can buy military clothing in the camotec online store for any purpose and weather conditions. We will save you time and money, because we have a full range of quality goods for tourism and outdoor activities at the price of a domestic manufacturer.

For you:

Large selection of camouflage colors, models and sizes.
Permanent promotions and sales at low prices.
Delivery across all Ukraine by all major carrier companies.
Orders received in the morning are dispatched the same day.
Urgent and bulk orders are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Help on-line managers in choosing a model and size.
We guarantee you the quality and the ability to exchange goods if you find at least one flaw or size discrepancy.