Balaclava Coral Fleece Coyote
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Balaclava Coral Fleece Coyote (1074)

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* the color or hue of the color in the photo may differ from the real thing.

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  • Fabric material and composition

    Coral Fleece. 55% Polyester, 45% Spandex

  • Application

    Security structures. Military. Civilian use. Sport, tourism. Hunting and fishing.

  • Seasonality

    Spring. Autumn. Winter.

  • Color


  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine


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Features of the model.

Anatomical cut. Flat stitches (seamless). Multifunctional model (as a cap comforter, hat, mask or scarf tube). One size fits all.

Features of the fabric.

Moisture and perspiration functions, thermoregulation, Silver ion antibacterial impregnation, quick drying, hypoallergenic. Density - 200 g / m, softness -150D / 144F

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