Bandana Cotton A-TAKS AU
Бандана Cotton A-TACS AU-фото3149
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Бандана Cotton A-TACS AU-фото3151
Бандана Cotton A-TACS AU-фото3150

Bandana Cotton A-TAKS AU (363)

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* the color or hue of the color in the photo may differ from the real thing.

53 uah

  • Fabric material and composition

    100% cotton. Density 160 gr. / M²

  • Application

    Hunting and fishing. Sport, tourism. Military.

  • Seasonality


  • Color


  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine.


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Bandana is a convenient, practical accessory for sports, outdoor activities, everyday wear. Bandana is relevant both in winter and in summer heat. This is a beautiful and stylish addition to everyday clothes, it is an opportunity to express oneself and assert oneself.

Camo-tec presents you the widest selection of high-quality camouflage bandanas in military style and plain, at reasonable, reasonable prices.

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