T-shirt Chiton AirPRO CoolPass Coyote
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T-shirt Chiton AirPRO CoolPass Coyote (1135)

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  • Fabric material and composition

    CoolPass antistatic. Grid - CoolAir. Inserts - TopCool.

  • Application

    Security, paramilitary structures. Sport, tourism. Military.

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  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine.


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Model Features

Anatomical cut - improved ergonomics of the product. NEW! Reflective elements! Reflective elements are necessary in conditions of poor visibility. Provide safety on the road. Flat seams, “seamless” (flatlock) - the technology of joining parts in clothing elements due to which the fabric at the junction does not lose elasticity, is able to withstand maximum tensile loads without deformation and tearing. The back of the product is made of CoolAir mesh. The armpits of TopCool high-tech fabric allow you to get a wide range of movements without fear for the integrity of the product. The seam on the shoulder is shifted down - preventing rubbing from the straps of the backpack, bag and the like. Thread - Coats Eloflex. Coats is a world leader in the production of threads in the light industry.

Fabric Features

Moisture and sweating functions, thermoregulation, quick drying. Improved breathing properties. Antistatic thread. The CoolAir mesh provides thermoregulation of the body during exercise. TopCool fabric inserts - stabilization of temperature and humidity of the body surface.


Reinforced thread COATS.