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T-shirt CoolTouch A-TAСS AU (239)

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  • Fabric material and composition

    100% Polyester

  • Application

    Security, paramilitary structures. Hunting and fishing. Military

  • Seasonality

    All seasonal

  • Color


  • Producing country

    Model developed and manufactured in Ukraine


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Camo-tec Cool Touch T-shirt

Composition-100% polyester.

Cool Touch fabric, high-tech, polyester fiber. Thanks to its special structure, it effectively removes moisture from the surface of the skin and evaporates it from the outside of the fabric, protecting the body from overheating and leaving the skin dry.

Creates a capillary-wick effect due to the distribution of moisture throughout the fabric and an increase in area for more efficient evaporation.

Breathability, hygroscopicity, hypoallergenicity of this fabric, its softness and lightness are ideal for everyday wear and in particular for people leading an active lifestyle.

Drying of the fabric occurs much faster than that of cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic and others. Does not absorb odors.

In order to fully reveal the advantages of Camo-tec Cool Touch fabric, it is used in clothing directly adjacent to the body, and at low temperatures the fabric is used as the first layer, like thermal underwear.

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