Cap Rip-Stop Khaki
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Cap Rip-Stop Khaki (642)

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Tactical camouflage cap from strong Rip-Stop fabric.

* the color or hue of the color in the photo may differ from the real thing.

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  • Fabric material and composition

    Rip-Stop (Polyester 65%, Cotton-35%). Density-250 g / m².

  • Application

    Hunting and fishing. Military. Security and paramilitary structures.

  • Seasonality

    Spring. Summer. Autumn.

  • Color


  • Product care

    Washing in a delicate mode (up to + 30 ° C, minimal spin). Do not use artificial drying and bleach.

  • Producing country

    The model was developed and manufactured in Ukraine


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Features of the model

The model of the cap is designed on the basis of the American model for the military - "Combat cap", thanks to which it holds its shape well, has a clear, fixed fit on the head. Due to belonging to tactical clothing, caps are used by security agencies or paramilitary units as uniforms.

• The shape of the attic has balanced (length, width) parameters, which does not limit the viewing angles and at the same time protects from the bright sun.

• Round, flat dome and size adjustment, with Velcro, make this model universal for everyone, all you have to do is choose the right color.

Fabric features

Rip-Stop fabric (Polyester 65%, Cotton-35%): reinforced threads are built into the fabric structure, every 4-5 mm, the "frame" of which significantly increases the strength characteristics and in case of mechanical damage to the fabric (cut, tear) it prevents the area of ​​damage from enlarging.

• Moisture-repellent impregnation.

• Lightweight and breathable.

• Not prone to rot.

• Resistant to sunburn.

• The visor is made of high quality material that is not subject to deformation under the influence of moisture and sun. The visor is flexible, which prevents breakage when twisted.


Strong and high-quality British COATS thread.

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