Costume Gen.lll Duspo Platan
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Costume Gen.lll Duspo Platan (1087)

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1890 uah

  • Fabric material and composition

    Duspo on fleece, 100% polyester

  • Application

    Hunting and fishing. Sport, tourism, outdoor activities.

  • Seasonality

    Autumn / Winter / Spring

  • Color


  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine.


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Model Features


two capacious internal pockets; two large external, mortise pockets with zipper, with mesh Cool Mesh; sleeve pockets with a zipper; a back pocket in the belt area, voluminous, “through” with two inlet valves, zippers and a Cool Mesh ventilation net. Ergonomic fit. Locking cuffs on sleeves with Velcro fasteners using NewFix technology. The collar is overpriced, ergonomic and comfortable. The hood is internal, tactical, with the ability to adjust the completeness, depth and volume, has a protective visor. Central snake for convenience with two runners. All snake runners with branded pullers on the tongue, for working with them in gloves or mittens. The bottom of the jacket is equipped with a tie with clips. Ventilation system for faster heat transfer during intense energy release during exercise or overheating. Chin protection against pinching. Protective couplings for fixing the runners and protecting them from moisture. Branded, reflective elements - necessary in conditions of poor visibility and guarantee safety in the dark.


modified, ergonomic cut (symbiosis of “tactics + tourism”); in the belt, the model is fixed with two vertically arranged buttons; the belt is too high; slotted valve with zipper; two front welt pockets with Cool Mesh ventilation mesh (as part of an advanced heat exchange system); two tactical, mortise pockets, on the hips, on a zipper; runners of snakes with branded pullers on the tongue, for working with them in gloves or mittens.

The design of the suit in places of the greatest load is additionally reinforced with reinforcing seams.

Fabric Features:

Moisture and windproof, keeps moisture (rain, wet snow) - prevents its penetration inside. Practically not blown. Does not lose elasticity at low temperatures. Membrane 280 gr. / M². Wear resistance, hygroscopicity and hypoallergenicity, thermoregulation (thermal underwear of the outer layer). Wash at a temperature of no more than 30 ° C, without drying in a drum - to maintain the integrity of the membrane. NOT rustling. It does not give shine.


Woojin. All zippers are nylon, wind and moisture resistant. Runners with "autolock". Slider tongues with branded pullers.