Suit StormWall DWR Terra Ua
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Suit StormWall DWR Terra Ua (1046)

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Light, demi-season, camouflage suit for use: autumn, winter, spring. Masks in different types of areas. The suit is wet and wind protective. Ideal for hunters and fishermen.

* the color or hue of the color in the photo may differ from the real thing.

4950 uah

  • Fabric material and composition

    C-Tk. StormWall PRO, 100% polyester.

  • Application

    Hunting and fishing.

  • Seasonality

    Autumn. Spring. Winter (with layered clothing - 5 LVL).

  • Color

    Terra Ua

  • Temperature mode

    From -15°С (at layer-by-layer dressing) to +10°С

  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine.


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Супер. Крепкий, комфортный, теплый. Не промокает совсем. После поля смывал грязь со штанин под краном проточной водой и даже так не промок. Очень доволен покупкой. Минусы - на некоторых швах торчали концы ниток, пришлось пообрезать.

Rating: 5


Чудовий костюм для полювання, теплий та зручний. Гарно показав себе як в холодну так і теплу погоду, вологи взагалі не боїться, вітром не продувається. Швидко чиститься від бруду. Вартий уваги за свої кошти.

Rating: 5


Купила мужу костюм на подарок, качество отличное, муж доволен))) Качеством обслуживания довольны))) Рекомендуем....

Rating: 5

Юрій Горецький

Костюм отримав вчасно, менеджер з продажу Катерина дійсно професіонал...витримує дощ не промокає, тканина міцна, пошив якісний ....Рекомендую....

Rating: 5


Костюм класс превзошел все ожидания.Обслуживание супер ребята молодцы.

Rating: 5

Jim Brendel

Hi there! Iam from Germany and bought the suit in Terra Camo here Germany by chance. I can only say: top camo, top quality, top fit, top price-performance ratio. Absolutely ideal for hunting. There should be this suit in this color for the winter too, that would be great. Hopefully suits in Veil Alpine, Veil Cervidae, Truetimber Strata and other camo colors will be added in the future. So thank you and best regards from Germany! Jim

Rating: 5


Отличный костюм, красивый, соответствует заявленным характеристикам, тянется хорошо, не шуршит и не скрипит, внутри приятный флис, много функциональных карманов, молнии защищены.покупала папе в подарок на охоту, он очень доволен, лучше размеры уточнять у оператора, они все компетентны и приятны в общении.

Rating: 5


Костюм просто супер,пошив,ткань и качество на высоте,для охоты то что нада!Хотелось бы иметь этой росцветки зимний костюм,но увы XXXL в зимней модификации не производется! За костюм вам 5

Rating: 5

Глушак Александр Юрьевич

Костюм супер , размер подошол , обслуживание на высоте

Rating: 5


Пошив костюму якісний, дуже сподобався. Менеджер допоміг у виборі розміру. Буду замовляти на цьому сайті ще.

Rating: 5


Продувається та промокає як звичайний фліс. Хто пише позитивні відгуки, або носять вдома, або в очі його не бачили! Для полювання та риболовлі не рекомендую!

Rating: 1


Доброго дня, Володимир! Костюм не є мембранним чи дощовиком, має тільки вологовідштовхувальне просочнення. З часом його потрібно поновлювати, обробляючи спеціальним спреем. Або при сильних опадах використовувати поверху дощовик. Тканина щільного плетіння практично не продувається. В прохолодну пору року використовується як верхній шар в пошаровому одяганні, саме при такій умові проявляє себе на 100%. Крій ергономічний, матеріал не шарудить, не чіпляє на себе реп'яхи саме цим ідеальний для полювання та риболовлі.

Rating: 5

Model Features

The STORMWALL DWR TERRA UA suit is an ergonomic cut that takes into account human anatomy, based on military developments of the best foreign armies for tactical clothing and is adapted to the needs of hunters, fishermen or tourism, which makes it comfortable and reliable to use and guarantees maximum maneuverability.

The smooth, soft, polyester outer surface maintains a comfortable temperature of your body and provides the highest possible protection from external influences. It can be used, with minimal layering, on cool days and as a multi-layered garment, as a third "protective" layer (5 lvl) in the concept of layered clothing, in cold winter weather.

The design of the suit in places of the greatest load is additionally strengthened

fixing seams.


• Pockets: 2 internal spaces, for documents or other valuables; 2 large outer, recessed pockets with zipper with Cool Mesh mesh; 2 sleeve pockets with a zipper; The back pocket in the area of ​​the belt, three-dimensional, "through" with two holes with zippers for small items (hat, buff, fingers, etc.), also acts as a vent valve, with a mesh Cool Mesh.

• Ergonomic cut that takes into account human anatomy and does not restrict movement during activities.

• The volume and length of the sleeves are regulated by fixing elastic cuffs and additionally - Velcro fasteners according to NewFix technology.

• The collar is inflated, ergonomic and comfortable.
• Tactical hood "English" allows you to adjust the volume, depth and fit without disturbing the peripheral vision or range of motion.

• Central zipper windscreen, top with soft protection of the chin from pinching and "runner" from moisture with a safety valve, from the inside for additional protection from moisture and wind.

• Two "runners", top / bottom add ease of use. All snake runners with branded pullers, for comfortable work with them in fingers or gloves.

• The volume and fit at the bottom of the jacket are regulated by weights on the clamps.

• On the sleeves, under the armpits, the jacket is equipped with convenient ventilation valves with zippers - to avoid overheating and for faster heat exchange during increased energy release during exercise.


• Exclusive, ergonomic cut developed by Camotec based on tactical pants (symbiosis "tactics + tourism"): ergonomically modeled at the knees so that the pants do not "tighten" and do not restrict movement during squats and fast movements; constructive insert in the perineum to ensure comfort and prevent abrasion.

• It is fixed in a belt by two, vertically located buttons.

• The belt is inflated for better fixation and protection against the cold.

• Gulfik (width) - a slotted valve on the zipper.

• Pockets: 2 front and 2 rear mortise pockets, with Cool Mesh ventilation grille (as part of an advanced heat exchange system); 2 roomy pockets on the thighs, mortise on the zipper.

• Snake runners with branded pullers, for comfortable work with them in fingers or gloves.

Fabric Features

StormWall PRO square microfleece (100% polyester).

• Moisture-protective, retains moisture (rain, wet snow) - prevents it


• Practically does not blow.

• Does not lose elasticity at low temperatures.

• Wear resistance, hygroscopicity and hypoallergenicity.

• Does not give shine.

Square microfleece - a microfleece on the inside, which is grouped into squares and has gaps between them, rather than a solid surface. This provides better "breathing" and removal of moisture. Designed for active movement. Due to the fact that between the "groups of hairs" there are gaps in the main tissue of the loose tissue - moisture and excess heat are removed from the body faster.

ATTENTION! The thing is waterproof. It is not a replacement for a raincoat.
For heavy rainfall, use special clothing. We recommend MOISTURE-WINDPROOF CLOTHING


• Plastic Korean accessories Woojin.

• High-quality British COATS thread.

• All zippers are nylon, wind and moisture resistant.

• Runners with "autolock" (do not open spontaneously).

• Tongues of runners with branded pullers.