Costume StormWall PRO Sequoia Orange
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Costume StormWall PRO Sequoia Orange (1130)

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  • Fabric material and composition

    StormWall PRO, 100% polyester

  • Application

    Hunting. A perfect, lightweight hunting suit for Fall / Winter / Spring use. From the “autumn” hare to the “spring” goose - it works in various weather conditions, disguises itself in different types of terrain. The StormWall PRO Sequoia suit (StormVol Sequoia) is also used with minimal layering on cool days, and it works great as multi-layer clothing in cold winter weather. The smooth, soft, polyester outer surface maintains a comfortable temperature for your body and provides the highest possible protection against external influences.

  • Seasonality

    Autumn/ Winter / Spring

  • Color


  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine.


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Давиденко Артем

Костюм просто супер, дякую

Rating: 5

Александр Марченко

Костюм классный. Капюшон можно оранжевой частью развернуть в загоне, для безопасности. Так реально приятно что у нас в Украине их делают и делают качественно, за хорошую цену. Два костюма у меня. Один летний, олива, сталкер, очень удобно пошит и секвоя оказадся таким же покроем. Может кому будет полезна информация, летом ношу размер L, секвою оранж покупал XL, ходил в этом году при - 5, нательное термобельё, флиска и этот костюм и температура бомба. Хотелось бы к Секвое, в продажу РЕМКОМПЛЕКТ ткани, а то по малиннику лез, жалко, если порвёш, хотя она очень крепкая. Вообщем доволен. Спасибо. Не меняйте модель. Очень удобная.

Rating: 5

Model Features

NEW, an improved version of the popular suit Costume StormWall PRO Sequoia.

Moisture-wind protective properties of the material and the ability to combine equipment allow you to adapt and use the suit in the widest possible range under various weather conditions. The ergonomic cut with improved anatomy of the product, based on military developments of the best foreign armies for tactical clothing and adapted for the needs of hunters, fishermen or tourism, makes the suit as convenient and reliable as possible.

Jacket. Pockets: two front, mortise, with windproof zippers and a ventilation mesh Cool Mesh; two on the sleeves, mortise, with windproof zippers; two deep, comfortable and spacious, internal for documents or other valuable items; two back, waist, mortise on a fastener "lightning" for small items - a hat, buff, gloves or another. Ventilation valves with a Cool Mesh mesh, to avoid overheating, on the sleeves, under the armpits are equipped with convenient zippers. Jacket adaptive. The volume and length of the sleeves are regulated by fixing elastic cuffs and additionally by Velcro fasteners. The volume and fit on the bottom of the jacket are regulated by pulls on the clips. The hood is "English", allows you to adjust the volume, depth and fit, without violating the peripheral vision or range of motion. It has a multifunctional visor. The central fastener "lightning" is windproof, from above with soft protection of a chin against pinching and a "runner" from moisture. Two “slider”, top / bottom add convenience to use.

Trousers. An exclusive fit developed by Camo-Tec based on tactical trousers. High, adaptive belt. Ergonomically modeled at the knees. The volume and length of the trousers are regulated by quick tightening with clamps from the bottom of the legs. Pockets: two front, cut-in, oblique, with Cool Mesh ventilation mesh; two mortise, on a fastener "lightning" on hips; two rear, unloading, volumetric, with Cool Mesh ventilation mesh. Suit design reinforced by additional special clasps.

Puller, elastic bands and the inside of a suit of orange, BRAND color.

Fabric Features

High-tech, non-membrane fabric - StormWall PRO, based on 100% polyester. DWR impregnation - protection against moisture. breathable properties of 3000 g / m² in 24 hours. Wear resistance, hygroscopicity and hypoallergenicity. No rustling, no shine.


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