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Sneakers City Black (1027)

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  • Fabric material and composition

    Hydrophobic nubuck (leather). 100% polyurethane. 100% polyester.

  • Application

    Sport. Tourism. Hunting. Military.

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  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine


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Model Features

Lightweight, comfortable and comfortable, have breathable properties. Reliable fixation of the foot, resistance to a sharp change in foot position. Tight fit of the tibia with active walking on sand or mud - the chances of getting small particles inside are minimized. Sneakers are made of high quality materials with a high coefficient of strength. The sock is reinforced with a pad that prevents wear and loss of product appearance. The thermoplastic material on the sole is resilient, durable, lightweight with a consistent balance of stiffness / softness. Thanks to these characteristics, the footwear removes excess load from the legs and back, effectively dampens shock and provides stable traction.

Fabric Features

Bertsa: combined, the basis of the skin (hydrophobic nubuck). External mesh: 3D Hex Internal mesh: 3D Melange Sole: two-layer polyurethane foam Insole: removable, antistatic, anatomical, polyester.


Reinforced thread COATS. Stainless steel eyelets. Polyester lace, wear resistant.