Sneakers Urban Gen.2 Black
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Sneakers Urban Gen.2 Black (794)

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  • Fabric material and composition

    Crazy Horse Skin. Polyester. Thermoelastoplast

  • Application

    Security structures. Hunting and fishing. Sports, tourism. Military

  • Seasonality

    Spring. Summer. Autumn

  • Color


  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine


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Мішутін Віктор Григорович

Покупал в 2018 году, ношу до сих пор. Через месяц оторвался верхний тряпочный слой стельки. На удобство хотьбы не повлеяло. На второй год порвались шнурки, заменил. Немного посветлели, но это после стирки в стиральной машине. А так всё нормально, ноги не преют, запаха нет. Для работы рекомендую.

Rating: 4


Кроссовки классные действительно натуральная кожа , удобные (повседневное использование ноги не устают) , дышат отлично (ноги не потеют) рекомендую

Rating: 5

Features of the model

Reliable, convenient and comfortable. Reliable fixation of the foot - resistance to sudden changes in the position of the foot. Tight fit of the beret during active movement on sand or dirt - the chances of small particles getting inside are minimized. Sneakers are made of high quality materials with high strength. Thermoplastic sole material - elastic, strong, light with a balanced balance of rigidity. Thanks to these characteristics, the shoe removes excess load from the legs and back, effectively dampens shocks and provides a stable grip on the ground. The lacing is ergonomic, does not interfere with blood circulation. Breathable, insole: low thermal conductivity; resistance to decomposition and rot; protection of feet from fungal diseases and bacteria. Vacuum-adhesive fastening method. The sock is reinforced with an overlay that prevents wear and loss of the appearance of the product.



Shoe upper: Crazy Horse leather. Substrate: three-dimensional mesh, made of high-strength nylon, three-dimensional weaving 3D Melange, forming cells of different sizes in the outer and inner layer, and thin foam inside the mesh. External grid - 3D Hex. PU-coated leather sock. Braided, polyester laces. The insole is ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).



High-quality accessories (lacing blocks). Reinforced stitching thread.

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