Poncho Oxford MM14
Пончо Oxford MM14-фото3302
Пончо Oxford MM14-фото3307
Пончо Oxford MM14-фото3306
Пончо Oxford MM14-фото3305
Пончо Oxford MM14-фото3304
Пончо Oxford MM14-фото3303

Poncho Oxford MM14 (1156)

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  • Fabric material and composition

    Oxford 210D

  • Application

    Military. Hunting and fishing. Tourism. Outdoor

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  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine.


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Model Features

Poncho with a cover. A multifunctional product that can serve as a wind-shelter weatherproof cape, with an awning or tent, as a temporary shelter, or a coverlet on the ground. With the help of a system of buttons, a poncho can serve not just as a cloak, but can be transformed into a cloak with sleeves. To expand the functionality, the product is equipped with a hood with volume adjustment, grommets, buttons, a cover and tightenings.

Fabric Features

Wind-moisture protective. Durable, dense fabric with PU waterproof coating. Density 180 g / m². Resistance to physical and chemical influences. Thermoregulation.


Reinforced thread COATS