Trousers Tactical Rip-Stop Teflon Black
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Trousers Tactical Rip-Stop Teflon Black (677)

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  • Fabric material and composition

    65% polyester, 35% cotton.

  • Application

    Militarized structures. Military. Security structures. Hunting Fishing.

  • Seasonality

    Summer / Spring / Autumn

  • Color


  • Producing country

    Model developed and manufactured in Ukraine


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The loose fit of the trousers in combination with the elasticity of the fabric provides an excellent fit in the figure without restricting movements. Comfort in the toe adds a self-adjusting belt (insert with elastic).

There are 6 main pockets in the trousers:

two front, top, welt pockets, with a curved section of the entrance, provide comfortable placement and removal of equipment from the pockets;

rear, mortise pockets, Velcro closes with a valve, while the protective valve itself can be “recessed” inside the pocket;

two voluminous hip consignment pockets-cargo, Velcro located on the sides also have an entrance above the protective valve, which makes the pocket "double";

a pocket for a knife or a lantern is placed on the left leg;

on the right side, over a slanting pocket, there is a small pocket for a phone, a lighter or other small item.

In the knee area, trousers are reinforced with additional fabric.

Pants have double and triple stitching, reinforced with staples.

Codpiece (fly) on a reliable zipper.

Rip-Stop fabric (tear-stop) - a fabric with a synthetic thread interwoven into the structure (tear resistance) and the addition of polyester (80% polyester / 20% cotton) increase the wear resistance of trousers under the most extreme conditions.