Net Mosquito Olive
Сітка антимоскітна Olive-фото3300
Сітка антимоскітна Olive-фото3301

Net Mosquito Olive (347)

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  • Fabric material and composition

    Nylon mesh.

  • Application

    Security, paramilitary structures. Hunting and fishing. Sport, tourism. Military.

  • Seasonality

    All season (AS)

  • Color


  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine.


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CAMO-TEC mosquito protection provides a layer-free space between the body and the material. This effect is achieved due to special weaving, cell size and mesh density. With full functionality (protection), the mesh “breathes”, does not limit visibility, does not fold into folds, and keeps its shape.

The design of the product is universal, at the edges, on both sides, there are braces with clamps, which allows you to adjust the size and completeness, both on the head or headgear (worn on a cap, panama hat, helmet, helmet or any other headdress) and on the neck, collar of clothing, upper chest and back.

At the back, the mesh has a sealing but elastic double seam ("stiffener") which holds and gives shape and the correct Anatomy of the product.

The most suitable mesh will be for people who are in places of accumulation of perishable insects and in situations when there is no possibility to be distracted by mosquitoes, midges, bees, etc.

Mosquito net - the most effective, environmentally friendly and durable protection against any kind of insects, is applicable under any conditions and terrain.