Bag Single Postman Black
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Bag Single Postman Black (1085)

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* the color or hue of the color in the photo may differ from the real thing.

  • Fabric material and composition

    100% polyester

  • Application

    Security, paramilitary structures. Hunting and fishing. Sport, tourism. military.

  • Seasonality

    All season (AS)

  • Color


  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured for Ukraine.


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Features of the model

 Volume - 15 (+) liters. Dimensions 26x33x27. Can be worn horizontally by the handle and over the shoulder. The harness is wide, additionally reinforced for transfer. MOLLE slings are located on the sides and in the middle, allowing you to hang additional equipment. The bag consists of two parts, they can be worn as two separate bags. They are interconnected by snap fasteners on both sides. Zippers with two "runners" add convenience in use. The dimensions of the tongues of the slider allow you to open the sections of the backpack with gloves on. The transport belt is equipped with swivel carabiners on both sides. On the back there is a Velcro retainer.

  Compartments and pockets:

    1. The main compartment is a large chamber for bulky things. On two runners. In its front part there is a pocket with Velcro, on the back wall there is a pocket with a fastener for small items, for convenience, MOLLE Velcro slings are located inside.

   2. Laid on bag: can be worn as an independent product over the shoulder or over the handle, which is additionally reinforced. Ahead is one pocket on a snake-clasp A5 format. On the back there is a Velcro pocket. From the front is Velcro.

  3. Side, patch pocket with MOLLE slings.

Fabric Features

  Heavy-duty, high-quality, durable fabric, has good performance against tearing and wear. From the inside, applying polyurethane strengthens the fabric and makes it waterproof.


  Two-complex, heavy-duty, wind-and-moisture resistant zippers, high-quality runners, high-quality stitching threads and slings.

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