Thermal underwear Himatec Air Olive
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Thermal underwear Himatec Air Olive (1066)

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  • Fabric material and composition

    Fleece Himatec Air Basic 100 (150 g / m2). 100% polyester.

  • Application

    Security structures. Military. Civilian use. Sport, tourism. Hunting and fishing.

  • Seasonality

    Spring / Autumn / Winter

  • Color


  • Producing country

    The model is designed and manufactured in Ukraine.


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Model Features


Anatomical, improved cut. Seamless - no protruding seams (all seams are flat). A wide, high-quality, elastic waistband provides a feeling of comfort in the lumbar region and a proper fit to the body. Thanks to the round neck, linen can be worn under any clothes, including uniforms. Unlike the accented first layer, “active” thermal underwear, this kit is also used as a warming kit. It is used as functional, underwear and is ideal as thermal underwear of the second layer at low temperatures. Excellent ergonomics, comfortable and lightweight kit.

Fabric Features


Hypoallergenic, light elastic, warm. Good breathable properties. Density is 150 g / m². Knitted polyamide thread of special weaving (each villus inside is hollow, has a complex tubular structure) with the original final processing (high indicators of wear resistance and strength). The composition of the fabric includes an elastomer, which gives the elasticity necessary for comfort during movement. The effect of dry heat is ensured by a high level of ventilation and a low coefficient of moisture absorption. Himatec Air Basic 100 fabric protects the body from overheating and subsequent hypothermia. Bilateral fleecy material, has excellent anti-peeling properties, is perfect for both the first and second layers in the concept of layered dressing.



Reinforced thread COATS.

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