Thermolining Termoline Gen.3 Mesh Black
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Thermolining Termoline Gen.3 Mesh Black (911)

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  • Fabric material and composition

    85% polyester, 15% spandex

  • Application

    Hunting and fishing. Sports, tourism. Security structures. Military. Daily, civilian use

  • Seasonality

    Autumn. Winter. Spring

  • Color


  • Producing country

    The model was developed and manufactured in Ukraine


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Features of the model

TERMOLINE set - technological, "active" thermal underwear of the highest grade. Thermal underwear for people who emphasize functionality and aesthetics.

In the concept of our layered clothing company, the set is positioned as a basic thermal underwear, FIRST layer, 1 LVL, sweaty (see Layered Clothing Technology on the Site in the Technology section), for low and ultra-low temperatures. The set is ergonomic, comfortable and light.

Jacket: Round neck. Underwear can be worn under any clothing, including uniforms. To improve ergonomics and increase functionality, in the area of ​​intense sweating, the model is equipped with a constructive addition - inserts made of perforated mesh Cool Mesh. Pants: Wide, high-quality, elastic waist, 4 cm wide, provides maximum comfort in the waist area and the necessary fit to the body.

- High quality product;

- Strength;

- Anatomical, improved cut;

- High anti-peeling properties;

- Seamless technology - no protruding seams (flat seams);

- Possibility of machine washing;

- Meets functional requirements.

Data according to the internal classification of the range of thermal underwear TM CAMO-TEC, obtained on the basis of laboratory testing and "field" tests.


Fabric features

Innovative TERMOLINE quadro stretch fabric, ideal for the production of aesthetic, functional, high-tech, "active" clothing. Maximum vapor permeability - prevents overheating and condensation during sweating, evaporates excess sweat to the outside ("breathes"). It dries quickly. Effective thermal insulation - provides at times! more dry heat than ordinary fleece. Does not cause irritation and allergies. Softness and comfort - a feeling of cozy soft fleece with wide functionality without increasing the volume. Not interested in parasites.

Guarantees high heat conservation even in extreme climatic conditions and functional removal of moisture from the body for effective thermoregulation during intense exercise.

machine or hand wash at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C. Do not clean in dry cleaning. It is desirable not to squeeze in the drum (up to 800 rpm). Do not bleach. Dry in a horizontal position.



Reinforced COATS thread.

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