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We are your Ukrainian Manufacturing Partner


Camotec - your partner for high-quality, innovative, and functional apparel, footwear, and accessories.

At Camotec, we're dedicated to creating comfort for both outdoor enthusiasts and security professionals, offering top-notch solutions regardless of temperature or circumstances.


Our distinctive advantages:

➢ Unique products crafted from innovative fabrics and high-quality accessories – elevate your product range with quality Ukrainian-made items to boost profitability.

➢ Optimal pricing for uncompromising quality.

➢ Swift delivery facilitated by our well-stocked inventory of ready-made products.

➢ Cutting-edge models shaped by consumer and expert feedback.

➢ Efficient order processing and dispatch.


Let`s unlock potential through innovation, technology, and concept of layering !

Our layering system is a meticulous blend of three clothing layers, each designed with fabric that delivers essential functionality. Moreover, our layering concept allows you to assemble one versatile set of clothing adaptable to various temperatures.

Explore the breakdown of each layer and discover relevant products:

First layer:

Long-sleeves and thermal underwear offer warmth and moisture-wicking capabilities, utilizing innovative fabrics to reduce the risk of overcooling and illnesses.


Second layer:

Fleece jackets and vests, meticulously designed for outdoor activities and security personnel, feature airy textures for enhanced heat retention. Serving as an insulating layer in winter or standalone outerwear in fall/spring, these products provide both comfort and functionality.


Third layer:

Suits with membranes and/or water-repellent impregnation boast an ergonomic cut tailored to the human anatomy. They retain heat and shield against stormy winds, moisture, dust, dirt, and wet conditions, making them ideal for urban and outdoor environments.


We are your Ukrainian Manufacturing Partner! Discover optimal solutions with Us!

You can send your offer by mail and we will contact you to provide detailed information 

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